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The Login tab is used to display and edit your login information. You can see your user name, and your security question and answer (these last two are used to confirm your identity if you forget your user name or password). Provided that it is unique, you can change your user name, which can be handy if your email address changes and you use your email address as your user name. You can also change your password, but for security reasons there is no way to display what it is currently set to.

From the Login tab, you can also enable and disable guest logins. When someone logs into your account using the guest password, they have read-only access to most of your inventory information, but they can't change, add, or delete anything; your personal account information is also hidden from your guests. The guest login facility is useful for allowing trusted third parties (e.g., your insurance agent or lawyer) access to your inventory without having to print it out. As a security precaution, the guest password (which you can change at any time) is cleared whenever you disable guest logins. (Guest logins are disabled by default.)

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