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The first step in creating your home inventory is to determine what locations you have. A location is usually a room, but this isn't a requirement. For example, you might decide to have some of your closets as separate locations. Don't forget external locations, like a garden shed or trailer—or even your vacation cabin! It is sometimes useful to have items as locations too: your car might be an item in your garage, but if you have many things in your car, you might also find it convenient to have a location called car too.

Once you've determined what locations you want, you need to create your actual inventory. Selecting "My worksheet" from the navigation menu will download a Personal Property Worksheet. Print as many of these as you need (we suggest starting each location on a new worksheet), and fill in the information for each item in each location. It doesn't matter if you don't know all the information about some of your items: anything is better than nothing, and you can always add or change the information later.

Creating your inventory will take a few or many hours, depending on how detailed you want your inventory to be. The more detailed your inventory, the more useful to you it will be, but rather than recording everything in each location in minute detail, you might find it easier to record the most important (i.e., big, expensive, or sentimentally valuable) items in each location first, adding the other items later. Set aside an hour or two on the weekend when the weather is bad outside, and your inventory will be finished before you know it!

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